Tuesday, 16 February 2016

6 weeks...

It’s been six weeks since my last run. 6 weeks of glorious weather and pristine days. 6 weeks of eating cupcakes, pizza, burgers and consuming way too much empty calories. Thanks Graham Beck. It’s by no surprise some of my skinny jeans suddenly became super-duper skinny. Not ideal if you don’t have extra cash (the “perks” of being divorced) to go up a size. So it’s not an option. I’ll just have to eat less. Problem solved.

I’ve been riddled with injuries since I bought some property on Table Mountain way back in August. First my knee, then my ankle and currently my right ankle. After postponing any professional help I ended up visiting the physiotherapist and turns out I’ve been strapping the damn thing incorrectly the whole time. Only now I can say it’s getting better…but still no running L

I’m clumsy. I fall easily. I’ll fall from flat shoes. It’s a miracle I’ve never broken any of my legs in my 32 years on earth. So how you may ask did I end up with my latest injury. Did I do a trail run up a mountain…yes? Did I take a run with my furry kids…yes? Did I attempt to play tennis with my better half…yes? Did any of these cause my injury….? No….well not directly. Maybe a build-up. I think the nail in the coffin was me reliving my early twenties when we celebrated a friends 30th at Shimmy Beach Club. Lots of Graham Beck (again thank you) and an awesome DJ saw me dancing like a mad woman on beach sand to pounding music….lots of hopping, screaming and almost falling….almost. And that ladies and gents is how you strain an ankle.

I’m miserable when I don’t run. I see other runners and I envy them. I bought these magnificent beauties called Salomon and haven’t had the chance to take them for a run. They did make their début when we searched for Wally’s Cave on Lions Head a while back. Not the same though.

I run because I feel free. It clears my mind. I become one with nature. I talk to God. I fight with God. I thank Him. I pray for loved ones. I’m in awe with the beautiful surroundings. I love the feeling afterwards. Like you’ve accomplished something and it’s very rewarding. One of these days I’ll be back in the game, until then good old Virgin Active will have to be my place of tranquillity.