Thursday, 24 March 2016

For the ♥ of coffee...

I’m a self-proclaimed coffee snob. Not ashamed to admit it, but I love a good cup of happiness.
I went from not drinking coffee at all in my young adult life to searching for the best coffee beans out there.
I was making a stop at the closest (and open) coffee shop to my work this morning, Vida e caffé, ordered the usual and once again appreciated the vibes and the smell of a coffee shop. I envy the people in town that have access to so many beautiful café’s, one around every corner, the friendly baristas, the amazing décor and music subtly playing in the background. And the people…I love looking at the people. The interesting characters, how they dress and how they talk, but we are all there for the same experience and that is the coffee beans roasted to perfection. It brings friends together for a quick catch-up. Sharing special moments and deep, meaningful conversations with loved ones.
So today I just wanted to declare my love for coffee. My love for discovering new café’s and the experience you get out of it. To start your morning or end a long day, it is always there. Coffee understands.
As the search continues here are a list of awesome coffee companies. Some I have yet to discover and others are a favourite to be visited again.

♥ Origin Coffee Roasting
♥ Tribe Coffee Café
♥ Truth Coffee
♥ Bootlegger Coffee Company
♥ Bean There
♥ Folk Coffee Anthropology by Espresso Concepts
♥ mischu: The Coffee Showroom
♥ Deluxe Coffeeworks

Why coffee shouldn’t be piping hot (right up my alley).
PS. And don’t spoil your coffee with sugar!