Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Just another day in paradise...

My irritation levels knows no boundaries today. I actually shouldn't be around people today because I might just bite their head off...I'm frustrated with myself because it is all self-induced I suppose.

- I missed a glorious sunset in Cape Town last night. My plan was to do a run around Sea Point Promenade, but due to work commitments I couldn't leave work in time. I sulked big time after seeing all the beautiful posts on social media. I know...I get upset because I missed a sunset....there will be another...every night. But last
- My PC at work blacked out after the power cable was accidently kicked and as a result I probably lost some very important personal info. Being the organised person I am I saved most of the communication regarding my divorce, self-help articles, selling the house, medical aid docs, etc etc. Now it's gone...feels like my bag has been stolen.
- The ripe and ready avocados at Pick & Pay is more of a "Rubber and ready" combination. Not impressed.
- The knife in my back still hurts as Saturday creeps closer and all my friends will enjoy a birthday party I was blatantly not invited too.
- I have a years boxes to file under my desk, which I'm not getting to. I blame my divorce.
- Two more weeks till payday....need I say more.

I know I know, I'm being ungrateful and complaining about stupid little things. Just give me today....tomorrow's a new day and I'll definitely find something to be grateful for and not moan and groan like I am today. I need a holiday... Grrrr....