Monday, 9 May 2016

Make life count - My Bucket list...

At some stage in the madness of life last year I made a bucket list. An extended version of my "to do" lists and my colourful post it notes scattered all over the place.
So here it is...some I've done and I'll do it over and over again. I add a few as it comes up in my mind...I want to live a life with no regrets...

kiss in the rain
♥ jump in the sea or a dam
♥ swim with dolphins
♥ ride in a hot air balloon
♥ dance in the rain
♥ shoot with a gun
watch as many sunrises possible!
♥ watch as many sunsets possible!
♥ travel the world
♥ run a 15km trail run
♥ hike mountains
♥ visit a new place each year
♥ do a photography course
♥ catch a fish
♥ fall in love
♥ keep a diary
♥ run each day
♥ play paint ball
♥ change someone's life
♥ go on a vacation by myself
♥ de-crease my body fat :)
♥ buy a stranger coffee
♥ donate blood
♥ take nature photographs
♥ visit unknown towns in South Africa
♥ slide off a sand dune in Namibia
♥ take a road trip with a small car in the European country-side
♥ get a tattoo ♠
run a half marathon
♥ make a snow angel
♥ eat pizza in Italy
♥ eat olives in Tuscany
♥ dance in the moonlight
♥ buy a house
♥ renovate a house
♥ pet an endangered animal
snorkel in Zanzibar
♥ buy something ridiculously expensive
♥ visit old bookstores
♥ leave a message in a bottle
♥ sing karaoke (after lots of champagne!)
♥ drink beer in Germany
♥ ride on a scooter in Greece
♥ bake a cake
♥ pay for someone's bill at a restaurant
♥ smile to a stranger
♥ count the stars with your loved one
♥ preferably in Sutherland, in the karoo, in winter!
♥ visit The Louvre in France, Paris
travel to China
♥ smell fresh rain in the Northern Cape
♥ hike up Table Mountain
♥ visit an old age home
♥ never stop reading
love unconditionally