Friday, 14 October 2016


(n.) A strong desire or urge to wander
     or travel and explore the world.

I feel like I'm at that stage of my life where I'll swop the unnecessary spending (repeat: I don't need new funky running shoes) for maximum savings towards the next trip. Still floating on a high from the Zanzibar experience I feel I bit despondent in my work at the moment, stresses about moving and the impending horse I've decided to get up on next year...studying towards a degree...yikes.
In between all of that, settling into new surroundings and sorting out my issues I would like to wander cobbled alleyways in Italy, travel the European countryside and experience a day or two in London with Chris by my side.

So I'll work hard to make that dream happen. I'll learn to say no and accept that I can stay at home...and not be bothered with FOMO. I'll learn to spread my wings at work and not be scared to take a leap into the unknown. I'll learn to manage my time better and prepare my obligations accordingly. And I'll come to realise that deciding to study again at the age of 33 is for my own development and growth. Investing in myself and my future. I'll just keep reminding that mantra to myself when I cry behind the books at 1 o'clock in the morning.

Study - Invest - Save - Travel......wanderlust....