Saturday, 12 November 2016

parkrun fun

It may seem my persuasion skills are very effective. I convinced Chris to do a parkrun with me this morning and low and behold he got up early with me this morning to run another 5km (after the trail in Perdeberg last Saturday).

We opted for Green Point as it is a relative easy run and I was dying for some decent coffee at Bootleggers in Sea Point. It was a cool morning and I managed to fasten my pace and ended up finishing just after 25min. PB. Must say my pace alert on my watch does help after I wanted to work on my speed per lap. It's like your own little pace instructor running behind you telling you when you're behind hehe. Chris finished in a very good 35min and I'm sooo proud of him! I allowed him to vent all the way to Bootlegger where we had a lovely breakfast and my coffee fix. A quick walk on the promenade after that and we headed home.

Now I'm catching up on all my admin and getting all the photographs we took the last few months in order and uploaded them to Facebook. Quite a daunting task, and the internet is not playing along. We should actually be packing as we are moving on 1 Dec...but more on that later. As you can see the packing is not happening....maybe we'll make an attempt later on. Saturday laziness :)

Happy days. Hope your weekend was off to a good start. Enjoy!