Monday, 5 December 2016

new adventures & challenges are never far away...

Hello there...

Writing this post means we survived the packing, moving and unpacking (which is still an on-going process). Not without any drama as the doggies (especially the two girls) must still adjust to their new surroundings, mark their territory and stay out of each other's way so to speak. We figured it never would be easy to combine temperamental terriers from the let go, but here is to wishful thinking and hoping (and praying) that they will give their parents the peace and quiet we have been yearning for so long!

On the other side my heart is complete again. I'm reunited with my angel face and I once again realised what a good natured and loving dog Riley is. He really is such a joy and I'm soooooo happy to have him back. If you're wondering who my favourite is (come one....every mother does, they just don't' admit it hehe)....I rest my case...guilty as charged :)

So between the hectic move, tired bodies and aching feet we managed to celebrate a friend's 40th birthday on Friday, got up early Saturday and drove to my hometown to fetch the parentals and my favourite of course. Sunday back to Cape Town and the unpacking commenced. Tired is an overstatement!

Hectic few days and our December calendar is chock and block full! Counting down the days till we can have some days where we can sooth our aching bodies & souls after a very demanding and challenging year.