Monday, 26 December 2016

Thankful heart, grateful soul, blessed life

The abundance of the Christmas festivities have settled and we enjoyed a rather busy public holiday today. Cleaning the house, washing the dishes (thanks babe) which seem to be never ending...and we were only 4 people! After and in between the cleaning we did some DIY tasks, and I will post some pictures later on.

I've had trifle for dinner and nibbling all throughout the day so after New Years it's back to gym and running....I've given my body way to much rest and way to much cherries!

Tomorrow we have another public holiday in South Africa and I hope to get out of the house and out of my pj's before 12 o'clock.

This year is nearing it's end and I can't believe how much have happened and changed. Looking forward to 2017 that will for sure be another challenging year as I'm starting with studies that will keep my pre-occupied for a few years to come. Lets not think about it now.....think bubbly, holiday, lazing in the sun...and ooooh, more trifle.