Sunday, 8 January 2017

Bay to Bay Race

So this morning was another early rise as we set out to Houtbay as I entered the 15km Nutribullet Bay to Bay race. 
I always do this....entering races (in December) and think I will run every evening in preparation for a coming race. But December was food en bubbly hangovers, indulgence on anything sweet and non-healthy I could get my hands on. Running on a full stomach is bad for you my mother always said (or was it swimming?)...and I no running schedule was followed in December.

Nervous and not sure what to expect...everyone warns you about Suikerbossie...a grueling hill that lasted about 2km (more on that later). Nonetheless is was a stunner of a day, clear blue skies and no sign of the south easter that's been pestering the Cape lately. 

Ready, steady...GO! Slow start to get out of the crowd, but it thinned out as the challenge for Suikerbossie started. In my mind I just sang that Afrikaans song we grew up with and I cursed it because I wanted none of that. Stop go, stop go...go! 2km later myself and a few thousand runners where glad the worst was over and the rest of the route was a blissful treat of blue seas as we ventured down the coast to reach our end goal...Campsbay. By this time we joined forces with the 30km peeps and I just thanked my lucky stars I wasn't that crazy (yet). 

I was trying for under 1:30min, but managed to make it in about 1:33:33 I think...according to my watch. Very happy to have made it, survived Suikerbossie and grateful for the great views.

Thanks again to the star of the day for waking up in the early hours to drive me to Houtbay and being their for me in the end. ♥

This song is for you (because I can't get it out of my mind now!).

Suikerbossie ek wil jou hê
Suikerbossie ek wil jou hê
Suikerbossie ek wil jou hê
Wat sal jou mama daarvan sê

Dan loop ons so onder deur die maan
Dan loop ons so onder deur die maan
Dan loop ons so onder deur die maan
Ek en my suikerbossie saam.

Afterwards quick stop at Sunset Beach in Seapoint because my feet desperately needed to feel something and the icy waters of the Atlantic did the job....great fun!

My lifeline.

Liefde van my lewe♥

My poor feet all taped up.