Friday, 3 February 2017

Mad rush

It's been a "deurmekaar" week. It's Friday and I don't know what happened to this week.
I'm busy with hands on training in another team within my company and will be moving there next week. New venture and looking forward to expanding my knowledge and experience.

I'm due to start my studies very soon, hopefully in the next week (saaaay whaaaat!?) once I receive all the much needed documentation. I expect some delays with our major distance learning institution, but here's to hoping it will be a smooth ride for me....for the next couple of years. Yikes!

Much of this week's running around was to finish an old desk that is set to become my learning space and a place of comfort where I can relax and study to the max. I'll be slapping on a cover of paint tomorrow and have some other DIY chores waiting to completed. I'm like a bear gathering food for winter (hence me finishing up all the home décor)....I suspect after the studies start I won't have much time for anything else. Boo-hoo. I already compiled a time chart for the next semester and realised I'm in for a surprise...we'll see how things go and most of my blog posts will probably be created while trying to burn the midnight oil or fighting with myself in the early hours of the morning. Balance they's all about balance. And balance includes running, bubbles and loved ones.

Have a happy and blessed weekend. I'll post some pics of our handy work once all completed.