Sunday, 26 March 2017

Taking the road less traveled...

I've been meaning to blog about the little road trip we took last weekend, but just never got to it. My parents were here so they had my full attention with little chance to blog or learn in the week. Together with the feeling of not being at work my mind went into holiday mode and little studying happened over this weekend as well. Tomorrow it is back to the rat race and the studies will have to excuses!

So back to the trip. I grew up in the Northern Cape, but never really ventured to any of the other towns in the province. It's not like in the Western Cape where everything is around the corner and quick to get to. Oh no....think gravel roads and loooooong distances between town.


The first stop was Sutherland, a small town about 160km south east from my hometown. The town is probably best known for two things, it is one of the coldest places in South Africa and with it's arid climate and remote location above sea level, its night skies are among the world's clearest and darkest. 
Beautiful, charming little town and we got the see the clearest skies with millions of stars when we went for a night tour at SAAO (South African Astronomical Observatory). Not nearly as cold as the winter nights will be, but pretty sure we got a good taste. I'm happy to return in winter to experience this!

We stayed there for one night and ventured deeper into the Great Karoo with our next stop being the picturesque and historical town on Matjiesfontein. We stayed on a farm just on the outskirts of the little town and made a day trip the following day. Going back in time Matjiesfontein is a feast for the imagination and charms you to return one day....even just for some tea at the Lord Milner Hotel.


And that is some of the highlights and snippets from our little roadtrip. Memories where made and the beautiful scenery captured in our hearts.