Tuesday, 4 April 2017


My country is literally going down the drain due to mismanagement from the person in charge and you start asking yourself questions...and realize you have a lot of other questions as well....some unanswered and some pretty obvious.....

1) Should I leave my beautiful country for the sake of my future? (this morning was really the first time I thought about it)
2) Will we have enough water for the next 100 days? (their is really no rain on the way and we can only pray)
3) Does my work satisfy me?
4) Why am I studying again? (who is going to employ a 40 year old white woman?)
5) Should I stop studying and regain my sanity? (not an option...)
6) Am I on the right path?
7) Why is it so difficult to keep my emotions in line?
8) Why am I reacting to some things I have NO control over?
9) Why am I being tested...? (cause I probably haven't learn my lesson yet?)
10) What is my purpose in life...my calling?
11) Why do I feel so out of sorts lately and QUESTION everything?