Thursday, 4 May 2017

Digital Detox

I’ve done the unthinkable (in today’s age)… I’ve de-activated my Facebook account and other platforms will soon be disabled as well. Gasp! The horror! Say what!?

It’s been 7 hours since I de-activated my Facebook account and live to tell the tale. It was a necessary action to be taken. I’ve contemplated over it for a while now and realised more each day how these tools that is supposed to “connect” us, is actually just making us drift apart. Making us envious of others. Making us want more and care less. Comparing ourselves! Judging.

Sure it is a great platform to keep in touch, but do you really care what the 400+ people you won’t even greet in a shopping mall is up to? Social media is not social if you come to think of it. Everyone is so glued to their phones (me too) and it is so saddening actually. Is this what the human race has come to?

I’m also a victim. I’m a social media addict. There I said it! I absolutely love Instagram, Pinterest and twitter. I love getting ideas for food, fashion and décor on Pinterest and reading up on the latest news and inspirational quotes on Twitter. I’m a photography enthusiast and love editing pictures on Instagram…but it has to stop, for now at least. It feels like I was so busy living in other people’s pseudo-lives, that I had stopped living a real life, my life. I feel more disconnected now than ever before.

So I’ll try and keep up with it for 30 days and re-evaluate my thinking, my actions and my interaction with people…in the real world. It's back to the basics. 
I’ll drink wine and my mother won’t see it (there are perks!). I’ll run a race and boast in my own ability to have done it. I’ll go out and have fun without having to “check-in” first. I’ll watch the sunset and share it with the people that matter. I’ll kiss my dog and treasure the moment. I’ll love or cry and you won’t know about it.

I also need to study, like in really really study. But that is another story for another day. Its crunch time over the next two weeks. I’ll share progress with my digital detox after the exams, although limiting my interaction probably also includes this blog…yikes!

Over and out…I’ll be back shortly.