Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Force of Nature

 Sometimes people come into your life and you instantly like them. There’s no other poetic words to describe this. There’s just something about that person, like a magnet, pulling you into their life's and when you look back you can’t help to smile because it’s been a great journey so far, and you know the best is yet to come.
Meet Annemarie, my beautiful friend and such a stunning force of nature. She is wise and mature beyond her years, my companion and confidant. She is physically (crossfit biatch) and mentally strong and will jump at any opportunity to help a friend in need.

Wearing Jade at the Queen's Plate 2013
She was there the night my ex-husband shared his ill-fated decision to leave me. With blurry and wet eyes I managed to make it to Franschhoek that evening and tried to make sense of everything. You tried to convince me it was nothing, but deep down you knew. Sitting on that red couch, eating Chuckles and drowning my/our sorrows in the finest wine. You understood me, because you’ve been there, cried with me and felt my pain. You've been a healing balm with honest advise (just glad I never took you up on the Tinder suggestion)
{We both enjoy it immensely telling people how we met….the look on their faces are priceless, and that is what I love about her! In short….she dated my ex-husband before I met him, and then met her thanks to him (because I loved her jewellery)! So technically speaking she’s my ex-husbands ex girlfriend}
Anyway, a few months later I had the honor to hold your hand after your bilateral mastectomy. At the mere age of 28 you were battling the big C, and I’ve never met such a strong and courageous woman before. You are such an inspiration and your caring heart always leaves me in awe. Today we laugh about your hot flushes and induced menopause, but I know deep down how scared you were.

Besides the hardships that this beautiful woman has endured, she together with her husband, is also the driving force behind a very successful jewellery business specialising in creating one of a kind statement pieces with raw pearls and semi-precious gems. I buy no other jewellery when it comes to pearls & gemstones. The quality is superb.

Just have a look at this breath taking necklace she designed for her wedding day. I mean…WOW!!!
Go and look at her work...creative genius!
 I can go on and on about this well travelled lady that can speak Mandarin, run three stores in different locations and manage a newly renovated guest house in Paarl. And she's not even 30 yet!
Your culinary skills and graceful fashion sense inspire me.
You are an amazing inspiration my friend.
My Annie, jy is so ‘n groot aanwuns en blessing in my lewe. Jy was daar vir my deur dik en dun en jou omgee en liefde vir my het geen einde nie. Jy laat my lag dat my maag pyn! Jou vermoë om nie altyd te reply op 'n whatsapp boodskap is wat jou uniek maak. Ons het al soveel fun tye saamgehad en sien so uit na die pad wat ons vriendskap nog gaan loop oor die jare.
Here is to the finest bubbles and chardonnay we can find.

Love you.