Thursday, 20 July 2017

Let's sit down and relax...

A short while ago I posted an entry on stressful life events and how it can affect your health and wellbeing. I'd say the last three years of my life has seen an increase of trials and tribulations, maybe it's adulthood and the older you get the more responsibilities you have. Regardless you get to have a breather this moment I'm more at peace after we've had a rough two months.

So in no particular order (except for number 1)...

My top 10 personal stressful life events:

1.       Divorce (ouch!)

2.      Trying to conceive when married (heart-wrenching disappointment after disappointment)

3.      Building a house (at least the foundation was registered on my married surname)

4.      Selling a house with a difficult tenant (think of the movie “Duplex”)

5.      BUYING A HOUSE (which is reliant on number 4)

6.      Getting married (been there, done that, got the T-shirt)

7.      Studying in your mid 30’s (this is of course my own doing)

8.      Seeing your dog being hit by a car (my little man is luckily alive and still pulling my heart-strings)

9.      Sporadically unexplained allergic reactions (ended up being Histamine intolerant)

10.   Loved ones being diagnosed with the big C (Mamma & best friend)


I can share with excitement that we are busy with number 5....though stressful we are over the moon and very much excited!
More news on that later...yay!