Monday, 17 July 2017

Service Unavailable

My calm demeanour I accumulated over the relaxing weekend it out the door and I'm fuming. I'm ranting and spamming @unisa on Twitter and I don't give a shit about my studies at this very moment.

- I need to register for my next level of modules (which opened in June already)
- I can only do this once I received (and passed) my results from first semester modules.
- The first subject I wrote TWO months ago, results is still outstanding.
- Unisa said this will be resolved by 14 is the 17th.... ???
- Their Website is down AGAIN (as always).
-  Closing date for registration is in 4 days !!!

So thus far I had to register for 2 (out of 3 modules I want to register for this semester) modules on different occasions and I can already see how UNISA is going to mess this up.

You get where I'm going with this and the level of frustration one feels. Like it's not already stressful enough to study, maintain a good job and keep your life together.
It's days like these where I seriously question my mode and institution of long distance learning.
It's days like these where I just think *&!#? - it.....I'm not continuing with this journey.

Service I really have the patience for this...for 6 years...(if I'm lucky?)???


You Suck!