Friday, 4 August 2017

New blog name alert!!! I changed the name of my blog. Just like that! Ever since I started it I couldn't really think of an original or catchy name at the time..everything I thought about was already "taken"...
And today it just hit me...the light bulb was switched on and shining bright! What has my whole journey been about since early 2015...? What was I trying to achieve, and what is the end goal?

I'm still growing...

It's always been that, and will remain as such until the day I take my last breath.
I'm still growing, I'm still learning, I'm still crying and laughing and stressing.
I'm learning to be more patient, mindful and living in the present.
I'm learning to let go and forgive.

Like a small plant I need love and nourishment, of which I (myself) should be the main contributor. My happiness and growth is dependent on me. I am the key to ultimate happiness. I have an amazing support system that helps with the nourishment and encouragement when my joy seems to fade away. But it is always there...helping in my spiritual and mental growth.

This is me...and I'm still growing.