Monday, 18 September 2017

Quick quick

Just a quick post as I'm soooo tired and have to write a discussion about my Ecological Footprint etc etc. The joys of Unisa's "Sustainability & Greed" subject....I overthink and over analyze everything! Deadline's next week for 2 assignments on the same's a long weekend, Chris's Birthday and we have a destination wedding....thus no time to work on the assignments.

Yesterday was the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon (the grueling 42.2) and the 10km peace run. I opted for the 10km....although the marathon sure looked like a mighty challenge. Maybe 2018??? Mmmm, only if my knees are still working by then.

Anyway, just before the race the vibe was getting real..almost like goose bump excitedness, I was telling Chris that I hope to run a 10km in less than day. My best time for a road 10km was about 54min. Going on about how I need to run more and get some speed work done. One day....
Once the race started adrenaline kicked in and I kept my pace under 5 for about 9km. The last km my body felt so heavy and I knew I started off too fast. But low and behold when I crossed the finish line my time was on 00:48:30. Say whaaaat!? Okay so it's a pretty fast and flat race, but I still managed to get my time down as I ran the same route more or less in 53min beginning of this year. So I am making progress. Hard work does pay off...ok I still don't run as often as I want to, but have been putting in longer mileage.

I'm so grateful and blessed! Dankie Jesus.
And thank you dearest Chris for getting up 4am in the morning to support me. 
Love you.